Driving While Drowsy More Common Among Younger Drivers

A recent study by AAA found that drivers aged sixteen to twenty-four drive in a drowsy state more often than older drivers. Almost 15 percent of these younger, and less experienced, drivers admitted to falling asleep, albeit briefly, while driving. Unfortunately, the number of older drivers, who also admit to drowsy driving is also a dangerous 10 percent. Such dangerous behavior accounts for 17 percent of all car accidents resulting in wrongful death, and 12 percent of car accidents resulting in personal injuries.

Warning signs of drowsiness while driving include problems focusing, head bobbing, not being able to keep a vehicle within its lane of travel. According to the study, younger motorists, due to their inexperience, do not understand the dangers associated with drowsy driving. AAA believes drowsy driving to be one of the most dangerous and understudied car accident related issues.

Thankfully efforts are being made, including the installation of small speed bumps along roads which are intended to notify sleepy drivers that they are veering off the road. We remind Florida drivers to use common sense prevention tips, including getting a full night’s sleep prior to driving, having someone else in the car with you, drinking coffee and stopping every couple of hours.

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