Palm Beach Police Use Airplanes to Prevent Deadly Car Accidents

Along a stretch of I-95 in Palm Beach County, to hopefully reduce the number of deadly car accidents,the Florida Highway Patrol has resorted to using airplanes to monitor and catch speeding drivers . That particular part of the county has become prone to excessive speeding since the number of lanes increased. In fact, more than thirty deadly accidents have happened in that area of the county over the past 6 years.

The flying officers time vehicles as they drive between white lines which are painted on the roadway. By calculating the amount of time it takes a vehicle to travel a specific distance, a computation is made as to that vehicle’s speed. The Florida Highway Patrol hopes that as word of their flying enforcement efforts spreads that it will have a deterring effect upon motorists, causing them to think before they speed.

While most motorist think the FHP’s action is just another way to increase revenue by writing more tickets, as they usually cite more than 100 drivers every few days, it really is about lessening deadly accidents caused by excessively speeding drivers. As personal injury attorneys helping innocent victims of such deadly crashes, we applaud the highway patrol’s actions and hope that such enforcement will save the lives of our fellow Floridians.

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