Elderly Drivers Less Likely to Die in Car Accidents

Having represented hundreds of order drivers, Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney Joseph Lipsky knows too well the public’s general perception about elderly driver’s driving habits. Contrary to most people’s beliefs that elderly drivers are the cause of many dangerous car accidents, a recent publication from the Institute for Highway Safety actually revealed that current older drivers are not more likely to be injured in a car accident, as previous generations were.

In fact, Miami car accidents with drivers over the age of 70 which resulted in wrongful deaths have decreased at a greater rate than similar deadly car accidents among middle aged drivers. The study demonstrated that car accident related deaths of elderly motorist actually dropped more than thirty percent over the past decade. This drop in so-called elderly involved car accidents is good news as the number of drivers in Florida over the age of 70 is expected to double over the next 25 years.

Much of the decrease in such deadly Fort Lauderdale car accidents may be attributed to better built cars, as required by increasingly strict federal law. Some of the federally mandated vehicle safety improvements include side air bags, traction control and crash avoidance. While a motorist aged 70 or above is still 3 times more likely than a middle aged driver to die in a significant car accident, we believe the decrease from almost 4 times, is good news.

Miami personal injury attorney Joseph Lipsky recommends all elderly motorists follow basic common sense rules, such as always using seat belts, avoiding driving in bad weather and not drinking and driving, to make sure they have a better chance of avoiding and surviving a car accident.

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