Speeding Along I-95 Express Lanes Miami Result in Serious Car Accidents

Driving along the I-95 expressway in Miami on the way to and from the Dade County Courthouse is always an adventure for Miami Personal Injury Attorney Joseph Lipsky. Due to the time constraints of attending hearings, Joseph Lipsky usually takes the so-called express lanes, which were designed to allow motorists an opportunity to travel at a quicker pace. One of the unexpected downside to creating the express lanes was the narrowing of all lanes, including the roadway’s safety shoulder.

Due to the narrow width of the safety shoulder, which was reduced from 13 feet to 8, Florida Highway Patrol Troopers are extremely reluctant to make any traffic stops in the express lanes, for fear of placing the motorists they stop, and themselves, in danger from the traffic speeding along side. Apparently many express lane users realize the FHP will avoid stops in those lanes, and therefore, they speed at a higher rate than typical highway traffic. In fact, the average speed in the express lanes after seven o’clock in the evening is more than 10 miles above the posted speed limit.

Now, due to an increase in Miami car accidents, and motorist complaints, the FHP is beginning to step up its enforcement along I-95 with their Operation I-95 Saturation. While most motorists don’t like to see police increase their ticket writing, as a personal injury attorney in Miami, we know one thing too well, speed kills; and for that reason we applaud the highway patrol in their efforts to make our roads safer.

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