Fake Airbags Can Result in Deadly Car Accidents

The federal government recently issued an alarming report concerning the prevalence of counterfeit airbags being installed by non-new car dealer repair shops. According to the NHTSA, thousands of repaired vehicles are currently being driven with fake airbags, which unfortunately will prove dangerous when those vehicles are involved in a car accident. The vehicles targeted for such fake airbags also includes many commercial trucks.

Incredibly over 90% of the fake airbags tested did not work as required in crash tests. As such, the government has a list of the vehicles for which such fake airbags are likely to be used listed on its site at Safercar.gov. While thus far the NHTSA has not liked any wrongful deaths to the fake airbags, it is not likely that a police officer investigating a crash is able to differentiate a fake from a real airbag.

This issue presents such a significant danger that the government is asking all vehicle owners whose model of car is listed on their website, and whose car has undergone replacement of airbags within the last 3 years to bring their car to a dealership for inspection and verification.

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