Florida Drivers Who Cause Multiple Car Accidents Must Retake Tests

As Florida Attorneys representing victims of car accidents who suffer personal injuries in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, we applaud the Florida Legislature for enacting a new law which mandates that any driver who is convicted of three car accident related moving violations over a three-year time frame will have to pass a driving test, just like when they first received their license.

The new law will take into consideration all car accidents and tickets issued since January of 2009, as prior car accidents will not be counted. Regardless, AAA believes the change necessary.

Although public perception is that elderly drivers are the most likely to cause car accidents, according to the State of Florida, those most likely to be affected by the new law are white men, younger than 40, in and around major cities. Not surprisingly, Miami and Broward Counties are both in the top five counties with the greatest number of dangerous drivers.

We too hope that this new law will act as a strong deterrent to prevent future car accidents throughout Florida.

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