Florida Highway Patrol Steps-Up Red Light Patrols to Prevent Car Accidents

The Florida Highway Patrol announced the results of their recent efforts to further prevent deadly car accidents, by increasing enforcement at intersections by citing drivers who fail to stop at red lights. The Florida campaign was done in conjunction with the National Stop On Red Week effort to monitor drivers who disregard red traffic signals. The campaign was an attempt to prevent deadly accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists.

During the week long process, in which the Florida Highway Patrol Troopers cited 1,190 drivers who ran red lights, was, according to the head of the Florida Highway Patrol, “(a) campaign is a great reminder of the risks associated with red light running, as every day our troopers see the tragic consequences caused by running a red light.”

Sadly, traffic crashes are the single frequent cause of preventable death and injury in the United States. Last year, Florida drivers running red lights caused 76 fatalities and more than 7,100 more accidents involving injury or property damage. The leading excuse offered by drivers for running a red light is “being in a hurry.”

We certainly commend the Florida Highway Patrol’s efforts to make our roadways safe.

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