Miami SUV Driver Dies on Florida Turnpike

In tragic car accident, a Miami Man, who was not wearing his seat-belt, was run over, when he was thrown from his SUV after it rolled-over on the Florida Turnpike. The SUV swerved several times, and rolled-over at least twice, when the driver was ejected onto the road. Unfortunately, the driver of another car did not see the ejected man on the roadway and struck him.

Too often in our personal injury practice, we see horrific accidents, in which lives may have been saved, if only the drivers and passengers wore their seat-belts. Although Florida Law requires all car and truck occupants to wear their seat-belts, as evidenced by national and state studies and statistics, too many drivers ignore the known risks associated with car accidents, and fail to wear their safety belts.

Of greater concern, are the parents and custodians of young children who disregard their own children’s safety by either not using child seats or boosters, or by failing to properly use them. While every adult has the right to make choice, albeit bad ones, which affect their lives, they should be held to a higher standard when making such poor choices for their unknowing children.

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