Two Year Old Drowns in Family Pool in Miramar Florida

In yet another tragic situation involving a family pool, a two year old child drown at his home in Miramar, Florida. The child apparently slipped out of his house, through an unlocked sliding glass door, and fell into an unfenced pool. The child was pronounced dead at Broward General Medical Center.

According to the American Red Cross, more than 350 young children drown in pools each year. Those of us living in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach need to be particularly vigilant in protecting children and keeping our pools inaccessible to unsupervised kids.

Unfortunately in our practice we have represented families who suffered through the loss and catastrophic injuries caused by drowning and near drownings. Too often, we have seen the devastating consequences of failing to install a pool fence or due to the negligence and momentary inattentiveness of those charged with supervising our children. Given the significant number of pools here in South Florida, we must all remember our obligations to children, that is, to teach them to swim at a young age, and to constantly supervise them in and around pools and lakes.

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