Motorbike Accident Leaves Two Dead in Ft. Lauderdale

In the unfortunate start of what appears to be another deadly holiday season for accidents on Florida roadways, two Broward County residents, one from Davie and the other from Miramar, died this week when they fell off of a motor scooter, landed on US1 and were run over by other cars.

The motor scooter’s driver and passenger apparently were not wearing helmets. Usually it is tourists, and not residents, who fail to realize the dangers associated with operating a scooter, which are the same as riding a motorcycle, and consequently fail to use helmets.

Not surprisingly, since the mandatory helmet law was repealed in 1999, there has been an alarming increase in motorcyle accident related deaths. In fact, according to State statistics, the number of motorcycle fatalities have risen every year since the requirement to wear a helmet ended. As a personal injury firm dedicated to helping Florida families, we hope the current Governor will push the legislature to re-institute the mandatory helmet law.

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