Two Dead in Separate Miami Car Accidents

In continuing with our last entry about local alcohol related accidents, two South Florida residents, one from Miami and the other from Sunrise, died in separate car accidents when each of them were struck by cars driven by apparent drunk drivers.

The first victim was a tow truck driver who was attempting to help some motorists, who themselves had an accident. Despite placing warning cones on the roadway, essentially closing off two lanes of the Palmetto Expressway, a driver ignored the cones, drove through them, striking and killed the defenseless tow truck driver. The motorist violated Florida’s “move over” law which was implemented to try and prevent police, rescue and tow truck drivers from being injured or killed while helping others on the side of the road.

The second accident occurred on the Gratigny Expressway when a motorist drove the wrong way, against westbound traffic, striking another vehicle head-on, killing the other driver.

We again remind everyone that during this festive time of the year, to use a designated driver to help prevent senseless tragedies such as these.

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