Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Dead in Miami

Thursday night, which is a popular night for high performance motorcyclists in Miami to cruise the streets, was a deadly night, as a twenty something year old male died this morning when he had an accident after losing control of his high performance motorcycle in Miami. The driver struck a wall outside of a Dollar Store on Flagler Street, was thrown off his motorcycle, struck a palm tree and died instantly.

According to the investigating police officer, the driver was rapidly accelerating at the time he lost control. The officer indicated that the type of motorcycle involved in the accident was capable of driving at speeds approaching 180 m.p.h.

Unfortunately, this was not the only motorcycle accident last evening, just about an hour after the deadly collision, another motorcyclist suffered a fractured leg when he struck a car in southwest Miami.

We cannot understand why so many young people continue to lose their lives by recklessly operating these types of high speed motorcycles. In our practice we have too often had to console families who lost parents and children due to these types of deadly accidents. We can only hope that others will think twice before acting so recklessly, thinking of those loved ones they might leave behind.

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