Seat Belts Saves Life of Hollywood Car Accident Victim

Unfortunately, three passengers from Hollywood, Florida, died in a car accident outside of Vero Beach this weekend. This deadly accident is another strong reminder that seat belts are the best defense against suffering serious injuries and death in car accidents. According to the Highway Patrol, all three victims were ejected from the vehicle apparently because they were not wearing seat-belts.

In something that probably is more than a mere coincidence, the only person to survive the collision was the driver, who according to police, was wearing a seat belt. The deadly car accident occurred on I-95, when according to the highway patrol, the tread on one of the cars’ tires separated, causing the driver to loose control and roll-over. All of the passengers in the SUV were ejected in the crash.

As attorneys practicing personal injury law throughout Florida, too often we see innocent victims suffer debilitating and deadly injuries, which might have been prevented, if they only “click it.” Over this summer season we again urge everyone to use their seat belts, and to make sure that children use appropriate car seats.

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