Technology Can Prevent Personal Injuries from Car Accidents

In hopes of preventing personal injuries and wrongful deaths, Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Joseph Lipsky supports the recent recommendation by The National Transportation Safety Board that car manufacturers include collision avoidance systems as standard equipment on all new passenger vehicles. While the manufactures continue to resist including such life saving measures, as standard equipment, placing the financial onus on buyers to pay extra for these “options,” The NTSB believes that crash avoidance systems should be treated like seatbelts, as required safety equipment in all vehicles.

Some types of frequent car accidents which would be drastically reduced include rear end collisions, which kill almost 2000 people, and injure over half a million, annually. Research indicates that greater than eighty percent of rear end crashes would be lessened with existing technology, such as forward collision avoidance, which not only alerts a driver of a possible frontal crash, but can actually help stop a car before it strikes a car in front of it.

Although the NTSB first made these recommendations over three years ago, manufacturers have acted at a snail’s pace to include collision warnings systems. Miami Car Accident attorney Joseph Lipsky encourages the big auto manufacturers to incorporate these lifesaving technological advancements as standard features in all new vehicles.

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