Teenage Drivers Need How to Learn to Avoid Car Accidents

As a parent of teenage drivers, Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows too well that just because a new driver passes Florida’s driving test, does not indicate that that generally teenage driver actually possesses the skills needed to drive safely. A recent study from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention now proves what most parents already know, that new drivers are the most dangerous motorists on the road, primarily due to their lack of experience in knowing how to anticipate and avoid car accidents. This inexperience is certainly one of the reasons why car accidents result in the most wrongful deaths involving teenagers.

The researchers developed a test to help new driver become better at avoiding car accidents. The test uses a simulator containing over twenty variations of the most frequent types of teenage driver involved accidents. Not surprisingly, teenage drivers were almost twice as likely as more experienced older drivers at causing a simulated crash. The test demonstrates that while newer motorists knew and used basic driving skills, like turn signals and proper lane changes, they lacked the real world experience need to avoid more challenging real world driving situations.

The study found the most prevalent teenage driving car accidents involved left-hand turns and rear-end collisions, most often associated with distracted driving. The study hopes to cause parents to spend more time with young drivers teaching them about the benefits of defensive driving. As a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney Joseph Lipsky certainly agrees that helping teenage drivers avoid accidents by spending more time learning how to drive safely is a parent’s responsibility.

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